Exito Marketing


Sales and Distribution Services in Latin America and Canada

““The golden eagle is the official bird of Mexico; it is featured on the Mexican coat of arms and was inspired by an Aztec legend.”

With the eagle’s ability to spot potential prey from a very long distance, we target the market that we know, and we transfer that knowledge to you to succeed in Latin America and/or Canada. We conduct a basic market research in Latin America / Canada in order to identify your target market, and will arrange meetings / conference calls between companies strategically targeted. The purpose of these conference calls is to identify the needs of the companies and give you the opportunity to present an appropriate customized proposal. Exito will perform a proficient follow through with these companies in order to accomplish the contract proposed.




Event planning and promotion

With our relationships with professional organizations and chambers of commerce within Canada and internationally we’ve developed high level events promoting business opportunities and investment. Our networks provide and guarantee top notch keynote speakers, high level facilities, smooth logistics, superb marketing and promotion and, of course, the right people attending to the right event.

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