Exito Trade Consulting


Missions, Visits, Trade Shows

We either represent or work hand by hand with companies in missions, visits and trade shows in the Americas and arrange matchmaking meetings. If there are no missions being organized that suit a firm’s needs, we organize your own customized trip seeking appropriate government grants. The usual purposes of such a trip are to:

  •  • Assess the demand for the product or service.
  • Evaluate the competition.
  • Decide how to market and distribute the product.
  • Meet with possible agents, representatives, distributors or local partners.
  • Determine what modifications to the product or service may be necessary.
  • Find out what regulatory requirements exist.

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Strategic Alliances

We offer consulting services in the creation and development of strategic alliances to complement and enhance our client’s export efforts and positioning in new markets. Strategic Alliances or Partnering can take many forms, they can be called agents and/or distributors, joint ventures, license your product or you may need a manufacturing partner; whatever the right solution it is for you we’ll help you to find it leveraging your unique strengths into new markets and diversifying business activities.

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Cross Cultural Training

Business communication, whether it is discussing strategy or negotiating an agreement, requires skills that are particular to a culture - it requires skills that can be gained through cross-cultural training. With one-on-one cross-cultural training, you fast track to better business communications. By exploring the values and history, etiquette and non-verbal communications, you gain the knowledge with which to understand the impact of what you say and how you say it. With cross-cultural training, we help you express yourself more clearly and interpret what others are communicating more effectively

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